Monday, 1 August 2016

Cot Bumpers

Our little man moves around his cot all the time and wakes himself up much to his mum's delight!!!
The traditional cot bumper wasn't suitable for all his wriggling around so I made single bumpers for each slat of the side of the cot.  Easy to make but there were lots to make.
Contrasting Cotton Fabrics x 2
Cotton Wadding
Start with measuring the sides of the cot and the height you would like the bumpers to be.
Then measure the width of each slat, adding extra for wrapping around.
I took two contrasting cotton fabrics and sandwiched cotton wadding between.
Place the fabrics together, right sides in with the wadding on the outside, then sew up three sides of the rectangle, leaving one side open to turn.
Turn the fabric right sides out and sew the last edge together.
Then taking three strips of velco sticky and three strips of velcro soft, sew these at intervals ensuring they will wrap around and stick together.

I choose the jungle animals fabric from Dunelm and a contrasting spotty fabric for the other side

Depending on how many you need, sew them all up and wrap around the slats of the cot.

Night night little one! 

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