Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags Tutorial

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags
Adapted from Debbie Shore’s Half Yard Christmas Book – Felt Gift Bag

Trick or Treat?  If you are planning to celebrate Halloween these themed treat bags will delight your children or you could use them as Halloween party bags and fill them with treats for your little guests.  Choose your own design to personalise each bag and they can be reused time after time.

Step 1:
Choose which colour felt from the pack, measure and cut two squares 6 x 6in (15.5 x 15.5cm).
Measure and cut three rectangles 6 x 3in (15.5 x 7.5cm).

Step 2:
Draw Halloween designs for the bag.

Step 3
Cut out a template of your design and pin it on to a contrasting square of felt, cut the template out.

Step 4
Glue the design onto the front of the bag using Stick and Spray.

Step 5
Sew the design onto the bag using running stitch

Step 6
Sew the sides and bottom pieces of the bag to the front and then join the back of the bag using blanket stitch.

Step 7
Line up the top front and back of the bag together with the side tucked in, measure half an inch from the top and from the side, cut a small slit through each layer of fabric then thread the ribbon through the holes to make the handle, sew or stick the ends of the ribbon together

Make several bags in different colours and Halloween themed designs.

The spider web was created with running stitch, chain stitch for the spider legs, with black oval buttons for the spider body.

The pumpkin bag was made using a circle template for the pumpkin shapes, running stitch around the edge, slightly stuffed with wadding and black felt shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Products Used:

If you don't fancy drawing a design, print this bat template or look online for many more free templates.

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